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Day 5, December 27 '09

Woke up few minutes before 8 in the morning. Got ready to go to church since it was a Sunday. After the preparations were complete so began the walk to church. It was quite chilly walking towards church. Finally arrived there a couple of minutes past 8 and finally got to sit and attend mass. Had an involuntary introduction as a welcoming thing for the church community. When the mass ended, my brother asked me how my walk was and I told him it was fine. He then told me that the temperature was at that time already below 3 degrees Celcius. Since it was the first, I decided to take a picture holding the iPhone that displayed minus 3 degrees. It was a cool experience!

What I didn't know is that right after church follows breakfast at Mcdo. And more surprisingly, all Filipinos had an area of Mcdo to stay(just self declared area - not really designated by the staff). The taste was really different from the Philippines.

Dropped by WonderRex since it was just across Mcdo and had a little window shopping. Then off to Iias again! There I enjoyed a cup of Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks. Next off to One Piece arcade yet again! Addicted? Naaah, just a "couple" of games. Oh! And did I mention that each game costs 100yen? But you do get a cool card in return in every game you play.

Had dinner at home, home cooked meals always are good! Went online for a while, chat with friends. Since it was a Sunday, workday follows for my brother and sister so I went with them to Tokyo on a car trip to drop them off at their apartment. Along the way I saw the Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge at night and both displayed awe-ing sights! Couldn't wait to go nearer the Tokyo Tower someday. Got back home in Tsukuba, chat for a couple of minutes so then ends my day.

Day 4, December 26 '09

Another day waking up at around 11 in the morning. Didn't know there were even visitors at the house for lunch. Got introduced as common practiced then had lunch! So ends my morning on this day.

In the afternoon we went to Iias. There were so many places to go to inside Iias, If you guessed that I'd be at Namco Land, then you are absolutely right! Got stuck to that arcade again for a couple of hours. Later was Takoyaki which had real Tako(octopus)!! And cool stuff on top of it too! I didn't believe that Cold Stone was there at that very mall so I had to have one to satisfy the urge to taste it and it was so yummy! Went home after then thought that ther was still so much time so I decided to assemble the gundam(00 raiser) I bought earlier and finished at 12:30am. Satisfied with assembling it followed sleep.

Day 3, December 25 '09

Woke up near lunch. Slept late last night celebrating Christmas. Ehem! Early morning I mean. Walked to a nearby place of a family friend in Japan. It was a birthday celebration of Jigs(second son of tita Ning and tito Joey - family friends in Japan). The food was so good that I got so full eating too much. The kids enjoyed playing Super Nintendo(yes! I know what youre thinking. Truth be told they even still play family computer).

On our way back to the house, we dropped by Yamauchi(a convenience store really close to where I stayed) and bought food and drinks to be served during the Christmas feast at the conference room of the church. We dropped the food and drinks bought earlier at church then went to Iias, a mall in Tsukuba, which was so big on the outside but was not so big in the inside. Passed by a 100yen store which had basically many things that are useful for only about 105yen(tax included). Then off to buy my gundams! a 1/144 HG 00 raiser gundam and a 1/100 MG exia gundam. Namco Land!! Where all the cool arcades, ufo catchers, and gachapons are. Found an arcade game which had One Piece in it.

After spending some time in the mall, we had to go back to the Church for the Christmas dinner. Spent time mostly eating while taking with other people. It was fun meeting new people and knowing their stories in life in Japan. Cleaning time came when everyone was already done eating so I helped in the cleaning along with the arranging of the chairs. Going home tired after a long day the finally rested for the coming days.

Day 2, December 24 '09

Day 2 is uhm... Whole day in Disneyland!! Well, first ride would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean and guess what?! Jack Sparrow was there! Cool as usual and really true to life figure with matching movements. Then there was David Jones in holographic form over a fog. After which I forgot which ride was next. There was Big Thunder, Splash Island, Canoeing, Space Mountain (pitch black roller coaster), Star Wars, Buzz Lightyear, Its a small world after all, Haunted Mansion (which wasn't really haunted), Jungle tour, Mountain tour, and some sort of racing track.

Food there was so yummy! we had a slice of pizza, some cream puffs, and a drink. Then there was this huge turkey leg that they sell. It was huge 'cause my hand grew tired of holding eat while I ate it. Oh, they have a lot of weird flavors for their popcorn. There was soy sauce flavored popcorn, curry flavored popcorn, wasabi flavored popcorn, and well the regular salted popcorn. Churros!! A lot of different flavors too but I only got the maple flavored and the lemon flavored churro. I had a teriyaki chicken burger for lunch and it kinda taste unique for a burger.

Apart from the rides and drinks, they also held parades where people would gather an hour before the parade starts to find a good position. Saw two kinds of parades that day. One was a normal costume musical day parade. Then at night was their light parade which had so many lights (eyes hypnotized). Then before I knew it, it was already past 8 in the evening.

After Disneyland was church for the Christmas mass. Then after we went home and rested and my leg really hurts after a long day at Disneyland. Off I crawled to bed then slept.

Day 1, December 23 '09

Panic at Mactan Airport due to lacking documents to be shown in Japanese Immigration. Surprisingly Philippine Immigration was already in Christmas mood. But eventually everything went well with the boarding. First time flier and most of all my sister-in-law gave me the window seat!! It was so fun! With complementary meal care-off PAL. The flight was really enjoyable. Fell asleep after watching The Time Traveller's Wife on board. woke up in time for landing. So comes the landing at Narita, Japan. Finally Japan!!!

Got off the plane and walked towards this place where there is a mini train that transfers passengers from one building to another (still well within the airport area). Went through Japanese Immigration and Customs with a breeze. While waiting at the terminal lobby, my sister-in-law brought food and drinks. I had my first bite of Japanese food in Japan, Onigiri, and my first drink, a cold coffee which was so delicious. Afterwards followed the long ride to Tsukuba with the family of my brother's wife and my brother as the driver.

We ate lunch (dont know what time it was but im sure it was already past 1pm, JP time) at wendy's and I had a 3 layer patty burger with chili con carne fries and lemon soda. It was so heavy!! After which we went shopping at WonderRex where it was a 3 storey building that sells surplus stuff. It really had alot of good stuffs. Then off to Lala Garden to shop for shirts at Uniqlo then had a cup of Caramel Eclair Latte at Starbucks! First Starbuck's cup in Japan and it was so so so delicious!!

Went home and walked a little to get something to eat and drink for dinner. Had a delicious dinner prepared by my sister-in-law's father. Went online to check on people back in Cebu and decided to start writing down this blog. Will sleep after this. So much for a first day. Can't wait what is instilled for tomorrow. Goodnight! Oyasuminasai! in Japanese. Sore ja!

Wishlist '09

Wishlist for Christmas Party 2009

Carvajal, Joe
- Non-Shiny Surface Nonslip Bottom Mousepad
Ceñidoza, Winston
- Any Book (emphasis on the word ANY)
Go, Carlo
- 2 dozens Dunkin Donuts OR T-shirt size M
Legaspi, Alvin
- T-shirt size S OR Leather Belt OR Earphones
Lou, Jerr
- T-shirt size M
Penetrante, Arvin
Rodis, Gayle
- Colorstone Earrings OR Novel: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
Sanchez, Jan
- Cool Pink OR Green Shirt size L

That Very Sunday Night

Sunday night. It started with a simple gathering of friends at Joven's Grill and Seafood Restaurant for the celebration of Daryl's graduation.

People started arriving when it was already 7 plus. It was a good thing. The later eating started, the more food I could consume. Ate quite a lot of food that time since I barely had anything that day considering I had brunch at 12 noon or so and I didn't eat any snacks at all. Until I came to a point where I really had to stop. Pictorials followed during and after eating. There were also some stand up jokes care of stand up jokers. What was really interesting that night was the after party. We decided to go to POD 5.

POD 5 was really where the party started. Everyone was enjoying it nonstop for 3 whole hours. With all the singing, dancing, partying, eating, and drinking began. As for the drinks, no beers were present. The 3 hours felt like an eternity despite having so much fun! Sadly all things had to have endings so we all finished it with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem inside the KTV room which really ended all the fun.

It was really something new and something to remember. Thanks for the great time all~!!

Congratulations 2nd Batch of '09

Last saturday was the graduation of the "Octoberians" for graduating last October 10, 2009. Congratulations guys!!

Had to wake up at 9AM on a Saturday which is so not me. Get ready and go meet the new members of the unemployed people here in the Philippines. But I bet these graduates/friends of mine can pick up a job in less than a month with their skills. So, I went together with a close friend of mine to the ceremonies where it was still ongoing as we arrived there. Stayed there for like 3 hours but time flew by fast enough for our stomachs to say "we need food!"

Finally! The ceremonies were over and we have finally met up with our friends who had big smiles that day. After that we did have lunch at Hukad, Ayala care of Jan Philip Mendoza and family (Thanks!). That was quite a lunch. Then we met up with more of our friends who were also at Ayala. And my hunch was right, I knew we'd end up no place else but Timezone. Still full from lunch, dessert followed next at Gelatisimo. Looking for water after eating too much of sweet goodness, we all headed up to the place of free water, Food Choices!

I then separated from the group to meet up with Steph where we walked around and hoped to catch a Cine Europa but wasn't able to do so because there were really a lot of people. So we decided to have "snacks" which pretty much lasted til pass dinner for me. Followed the snacks was me buying food for dinner at home since it is my dad's birthday on the same day! (Happy Birthday Dad!)

What a day... What - a - day indeed. It was a fun day.

Congratulations to all graduates~! 
Congrats Joy~!!

Life Lessons Worth Reading

Here is a list that I enjoyed reading. It really helps a lot and I mean a lot.

26 life lessons learned

Instead of copying it, I just added the link above as to prevent plagiarism or the like.
Hope you would all enjoy as much as I did.

New Drugs Coming Thru

I can't believe there is such a game that exists which made me addicted to online gaming again. To all those who are asking what it is, well, it is GhostX. It's a game where you use nanobots to become your weapon at the same time be your companion in all your GhostX life. You can choose to combine them to make powerful nanobots or just use them as they are and evolve them to their higher levels. This game really made me an addict for quite a while until I snapped out of it and thought that i was still playing on a closed beta version. For those wondering what is closed beta, it's usually where the Game Masters or GMs for short wipe out all the characters before open beta starts. Which is by the way this coming October 28. For those interested, you can visit ghostx.gamengame.com/ check it out~!

See you online if ever you're going to be~!!