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January 4th, 2010

Day 2, December 24 '09

Day 2 is uhm... Whole day in Disneyland!! Well, first ride would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean and guess what?! Jack Sparrow was there! Cool as usual and really true to life figure with matching movements. Then there was David Jones in holographic form over a fog. After which I forgot which ride was next. There was Big Thunder, Splash Island, Canoeing, Space Mountain (pitch black roller coaster), Star Wars, Buzz Lightyear, Its a small world after all, Haunted Mansion (which wasn't really haunted), Jungle tour, Mountain tour, and some sort of racing track.

Food there was so yummy! we had a slice of pizza, some cream puffs, and a drink. Then there was this huge turkey leg that they sell. It was huge 'cause my hand grew tired of holding eat while I ate it. Oh, they have a lot of weird flavors for their popcorn. There was soy sauce flavored popcorn, curry flavored popcorn, wasabi flavored popcorn, and well the regular salted popcorn. Churros!! A lot of different flavors too but I only got the maple flavored and the lemon flavored churro. I had a teriyaki chicken burger for lunch and it kinda taste unique for a burger.

Apart from the rides and drinks, they also held parades where people would gather an hour before the parade starts to find a good position. Saw two kinds of parades that day. One was a normal costume musical day parade. Then at night was their light parade which had so many lights (eyes hypnotized). Then before I knew it, it was already past 8 in the evening.

After Disneyland was church for the Christmas mass. Then after we went home and rested and my leg really hurts after a long day at Disneyland. Off I crawled to bed then slept.

Day 3, December 25 '09

Woke up near lunch. Slept late last night celebrating Christmas. Ehem! Early morning I mean. Walked to a nearby place of a family friend in Japan. It was a birthday celebration of Jigs(second son of tita Ning and tito Joey - family friends in Japan). The food was so good that I got so full eating too much. The kids enjoyed playing Super Nintendo(yes! I know what youre thinking. Truth be told they even still play family computer).

On our way back to the house, we dropped by Yamauchi(a convenience store really close to where I stayed) and bought food and drinks to be served during the Christmas feast at the conference room of the church. We dropped the food and drinks bought earlier at church then went to Iias, a mall in Tsukuba, which was so big on the outside but was not so big in the inside. Passed by a 100yen store which had basically many things that are useful for only about 105yen(tax included). Then off to buy my gundams! a 1/144 HG 00 raiser gundam and a 1/100 MG exia gundam. Namco Land!! Where all the cool arcades, ufo catchers, and gachapons are. Found an arcade game which had One Piece in it.

After spending some time in the mall, we had to go back to the Church for the Christmas dinner. Spent time mostly eating while taking with other people. It was fun meeting new people and knowing their stories in life in Japan. Cleaning time came when everyone was already done eating so I helped in the cleaning along with the arranging of the chairs. Going home tired after a long day the finally rested for the coming days.


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