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Day 5, December 27 '09

Woke up few minutes before 8 in the morning. Got ready to go to church since it was a Sunday. After the preparations were complete so began the walk to church. It was quite chilly walking towards church. Finally arrived there a couple of minutes past 8 and finally got to sit and attend mass. Had an involuntary introduction as a welcoming thing for the church community. When the mass ended, my brother asked me how my walk was and I told him it was fine. He then told me that the temperature was at that time already below 3 degrees Celcius. Since it was the first, I decided to take a picture holding the iPhone that displayed minus 3 degrees. It was a cool experience!

What I didn't know is that right after church follows breakfast at Mcdo. And more surprisingly, all Filipinos had an area of Mcdo to stay(just self declared area - not really designated by the staff). The taste was really different from the Philippines.

Dropped by WonderRex since it was just across Mcdo and had a little window shopping. Then off to Iias again! There I enjoyed a cup of Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks. Next off to One Piece arcade yet again! Addicted? Naaah, just a "couple" of games. Oh! And did I mention that each game costs 100yen? But you do get a cool card in return in every game you play.

Had dinner at home, home cooked meals always are good! Went online for a while, chat with friends. Since it was a Sunday, workday follows for my brother and sister so I went with them to Tokyo on a car trip to drop them off at their apartment. Along the way I saw the Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge at night and both displayed awe-ing sights! Couldn't wait to go nearer the Tokyo Tower someday. Got back home in Tsukuba, chat for a couple of minutes so then ends my day.


Jan. 5th, 2010 07:54 am (UTC)
I only got Tokyo Tower. The rainbow bridge was just a slight glance since I was in a car ride. Rainbow bridge was really unique though.


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